7 tips to Choose a Marijuana Strain


There are many decisive factors to consider before buying marijuana seeds. Before investing in cannabis seeds, it is necessary that you know several aspects of the different types of seeds, since there are great differences between some varieties and others. In addition, not all varieties adapt well to growing in different climates, for all this, you are interested in reading this quick-read post, where we explain …


Choosing a variety of marijuana can be overwhelming the first time you have to choose one gene over another. Especially considering the sheer number of great marijuana plants out there. To get the most out of your marijuana grow, you should ask yourself a few questions before ordering your first marijuana strain. It should also be borne in mind that growers and distributors assign bombastic names to different genetics, which makes your selection even more difficult.


Are you going to grow indoors or outdoors?

Before you decide to go shopping for marijuana seeds, you need to know if you are growing indoors or outdoors. Growing marijuana indoors will give you more control over the environment. Outdoor marijuana crops are always weather dependent, but they don’t require expensive equipment and they don’t skyrocket your electricity bill. There are pros and cons to each one. Find out what is best for you. Always keep in mind that if you choose to grow them indoors, hydroponic cultivation has many advantages.

What are your goals?

Do you want a bunch of marijuana buds? Or do you want amazing marijuana above anything else? Does your marijuana grow space require a compact, short growing plant (indica) or can you handle a lower yielding tall, lanky marijuana type (sativa)? Then, of course, there are plants that combine both varieties.

What kind of high are you after?

There are also two basic types of marijuana to choose from: the Indica marijuana high, which will take your breath away, lock you up on the couch, and keep you there for a while. Or the psychedelic head high you get from a Sativa.


How powerful do you want your buds to be?

On the first push, everyone would probably say: as powerful as is humanly possible. And you are right. But each variety of marijuana also has different effects. They range from mild to happy, paranoid, and exhilarating. Do your research before investing money. In addition, the cannabinoids that can be found in a plant are more than 100 different and have very different effects. Not only that, the combination of one with another, produce very different combined effects. Therefore, a higher level of THC is not always synonymous with better marijuana.

What is your budget? How much are you willing to spend on your plants?

The prices vary a lot between some varieties and others, as well as if they are bought at an industrial level or more unit. In general, farmers buy seeds by the kg, where they can have thousands or millions of seeds for very little price, but if we buy them in a large area, they usually sell us a few units (between 5 or 10 units) for relatively amounts important (€ 1 or € 2). Think that the seeds should not cost you more than € 0.7 per unit.

How important is the performance of marijuana to you?

Some strains of marijuana will give you the most amazing marijuana buds, but only a small amount. Others are rewarding for the yield and quality of the marijuana, but the seeds will cost you considerably more consequence. In general, it is the old dilemma of quantity vs quality, although with cannabis plants, as with other crops, the handling of the plant can alter the final result for better or for worse: Not everything depends on genetics.


Will smell and odor be a problem in your grow area?

Some cannabis strains smell a lot, others are hardly noticeable. This is an important issue when choosing the genetics of your seeds

We advise you to ask yourself all these questions before deciding on a particular marijuana genetics, and that once you have decided which type you want and before choosing a variety of marijuana, go online and do some research. Look for grow diaries, photographs of the marijuana strain you have chosen. Read how others experienced the marijuana plant. How much marijuana yield did they get? What medium did they use? How much light and what nutrition did they use. Read about marijuana seed banks. Find out where the gifts are. Most marijuana seed banks will give you free stuff.

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