Hydroponics: Garden Cultivation without Soil

Hydroponics is a way of growing plants using only mineral nutrient solution minus the soil.


Soil is found to be home to various pollutants. Even after several years, these are not easily rid of. To make sure that plants are less exposed to such problems, researchers have found ways in order to cultivate them safely without using soil (since it is considered a medium to bacteria that can cause ill effects to health).  One such method is Hydroponics.

No need for soil…

In Hydroponics, soil is unimportant. Researchers have found out that soil is just a reservoir of nutrients which the plants consume. However nutrients tend to dissolve when it comes in contact with water making it easier for the plants to absorb it. Since soil is just a vessel of nutrients this means that there are other ways for plants to get these, as long as the medium used carries it.


Plants are not actually in need of soil as long as they have access to nutrients needed for their growth. This is where hydroponics comes. In this method, plants are given a suitable way to gain the nutrients without using soil. The mediums they use are composed of wool, perlite and gravel, which are also used to provide support to the plant’s roots.

The most important element in this medium is a specially formulated mineral solution. This is given in doses since certain plants can’t survive exposed to water for a very long time.

Advantages of Hydroponics

Hydroponics brings about advantages to our environment. First off is its emphasis in the importance of a clean environment especially the awareness of pollutants absorbed by the soil. Second is the safety of plants from bacteria absorbed from soil pollutants. Third is the alternative way it presents in growing vegetation on barren lands such as desserts and rocky places. With these said we can definitely say that hydroponics has presented us with two solutions: to live in a greener environment and to enjoy a healthier life.

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