Important Components of a Hydroponic Grow Kit

important components

Hydroponics gardening is one of today’s most talked about way of cultivating vegetation. Other than it performed differently than the usual method, it has given a lot of hose living in cities and in dry areas, the advantage of having their own garden indoors.

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Starting one’s own hydroponics garden is quite easy. All you need to make sure is to have a hydroponic-grow kit which allows you to get started without all the guesswork you have to go through.

There are many hydroponics kits available. Each kit contains tools that can help them tend to their indoor gardens. Here are some supplies included in any hydroponic packages.


Component 1: Growing Medium

Growing medium is considered as one of the most important part in a hydroponics kit. This is where you plant the seeds instead of using soil.

Growing mediums comes in different forms:  vermicule, perlite, coconut fiber, rock wool and expanded clay. Among these, rock wool and expanded clay are the most commonly used as the make planting easier. They hold the plants better than any medium; however, these are also the most expensive.


Component 2: Nutrient Solution

Nutrient solution is a mixture specially blended to provide the needed nutrients by plants for their growth. This is given to plants since soil, which usually contains the nutrients for the plant’s growth, is not used.

Each hydroponic kit is specially designed to help gardeners grow specific vegetation. This means that each kit includes a premixed solution based on the plant’s needs. This is to ensure that the crop gets an accurate amount of nutrients it needs to grow healthy and safe. In addition, it saves you time in doing your own mix.


Component 3: Artificial Lighting

Artificial lighting is needed since hydroponic gardens are grown indoors. Lighting, it is a must to select a kit that includes an energy saving light since it will be left on for your plants. There are kits which even includes the HID (high intensity discharge) lamps. These give off more light than fluorescent bulbs.



If you wish to get started in your own indoor garden, start looking for the right hydroponic grow kit for you. These are available in local garden centers and in online stores. All you need to do is determine the crop you wish to grow and a place where you can easily set up and attend to it. At we have been dedicated for years to the design and manufacture of nutrients of natural origin for plants, providing them with the different nutrients that plants need at different times of their vegetative growth or flowering. Get advice from experts or consult the experiences and recommendations of other users. Your plants will thank you.


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