Nutrient Formula Mixing: Know What Your Plants Need


There is nothing more complicating than coming up with a hydroponic nutrient formula. Even determining the correct amount of fertilizer for ordinary gardening can be very tricky. Just by combining too little or too much of a component may lead to weakening and wilting plants. In the end they may even end up dying.

vertical hydroponics

In hydroponics, it is important for gardeners to know the right ratio of fertilizers needed in a nutrient formula. They also need to understand that not all hydroponics kit share the same nutrient component since they also include specific types of seedlings.

As a general rule of thumb, it is better than applying a dilute mix than an overly concentrated mix. Deep down, think that the water cannot do any harm to the plants and if the mixture is too diluted, the only thing that can happen is that the macro and micro nutrients that the plant needs are not provided. On the contrary, if the mixture is too concentrated, it can damage the plants, saturate the channels, and finally, produce the opposite effect to the desired one.

Balancing concentration in a nutrient solution

Remember that in making a hydroponic garden work, all you need is to ensure the right concentration of nutrients is given to the plants. There are different types of fertilizers for making the nutrient formula. All you need is to know exactly what your plants need. You can start with what each hydroponic kit recommends since they are specially grouped according to a specific plant’s needs. You need to know the ratio of each fertilizer to be mixed if you want to get the formula right.

A little tip for the hydroponics gardeners: you can start the concentration with 150 to 600 parts per million measurements. This is the usual concentration composition. But specifically, most plants need a hydroponic nutrient formula with 300 to 400 per million.

Growth Stages Monitored

All living things go through certain stages of growth and development, and with plants this also varies. This is the reason why nutrient formula for each plant differs in fertilizer composition and even their degree of exposure.

To make sure they do grow healthy, remember that you need to have the matching nutrient mixture for your plant. Be careful with mixing ingredients and also giving them out. Providing them with either too much or too little will only end up killing them.


Vegetables are the best example if you wish to understand plants’ developmental stages. In taking care of them there are various methods and fertilizers needed. In hydroponics each kit contains formulas perfect for the seedling included in it. Such formulas are known as “growth formula” which is used during the plant’s crucial development stage.

There are variations of these available. You just need to know exactly what you need for ensuring your plant grows healthy. In addition you have to keep watch of your plant’s condition from time to time to know exactly when to give it.

Always take into consideration your plant’s health and developmental stage whenever you would mix a nutrient formula for them. They are vulnerable as well so treat and cure them when needed. Know exactly when they need a strong dosage.


For those with thriving plants, if you think they can handle a strong formula try to apply it gradually. Any sudden change might harm the plants, eventually killing them. Also ensure other factors that might affect the plants, such as ventilation and exposure to sunlight.

Always remember that a good hydroponic nutrient formula is all about ratio and compatibility with the plant’s needs. Go more or less than what is recommended will only cause more problems than what you wish to achieve with your garden.

At we have been dedicated for years to the design and manufacture of nutrients of natural origin for plants, providing them with the different nutrients that plants need at different times of their vegetative growth or flowering. Get advice from experts or consult the experiences and recommendations of other users. Your plants will thank you.


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