Two Techniques Used in Hydroponic Gardening


Hydroponics is a method of cultivating a garden without using soil. In a research study conducted by hydroponic experts, it was founded that soil acts as a reservoir of nutrients plants need to survive—unfortunately it also carries bacteria from pollutants. In this case, hydroponic gardening uses an alternative way of giving the important nutrients to plants which helps them in their growth.


There are two techniques used in Hydroponic gardening: the medium culture and the solution culture. Medium culture uses a medium which the plant roots can cling to. Solution culture, on the other hand, suspends the plants over a nutrient solution.

Solution Culture and Its Three Types

Hydroponic gardening using solution culture has three subtypes: static, continuous flow, and aeroponics. Basically all these three follow the same concept of using a medium to provide nutrients—it is only how they do it that differs.

In static solution culture plants are exposed to a nutrient solution which is also subjected to depletion. After the depletion process, the nutrient solution is then added again but only up to a point where the roots can touch it.

In continuous flow solution culture, the process of exposing the plants to the nutrient solution is differs. If in static the solution is depleted and only added up when needed, continuous flow (as the name implies) always exposes the plants to it as it flows through a container.

Aeroponics solution culture on the other hand is different. It exposes the plant to the nutrient solution which is in the form of mist. So far, this type of exposure is seen to be the most effective as plants easily absorb the nutrients directly to its roots.

 The Medium Solution Culture

Medium solution culture uses different types of media to provide nutrients to the plants. These can include mineral, gravel, and clay pellets. Each of these media is quite easy to use and provide stability in the roots as well.


The benefits in using hydroponic gardening are undeniable, especially to a person’s health. Hydroponic gardening is seen as the most suitable and healthier way to grow vegetation. With this type of gardening, the possibility of acquiring soil borne diseases is lessened.


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