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  • 7 tips to Choose a Marijuana Strain


    There are many decisive factors to consider before buying marijuana seeds. Before investing in cannabis seeds, it is necessary that you know several aspects of the different types of seeds, since there are great differences between some varieties and others. In addition, not all varieties adapt well to growing in different climates, for all this, […]

  • Getting Started with Your Indoor Garden with Cheap Hydroponic Kit


    Hydroponics is a way of growing plants using only mineral nutrient solution minus the soil. A lot of people are becoming more interested in hydroponics gardening. This is truer in areas where accessibility to fertile soil is limited or that there’s none at all. Hydroponics is indeed a great way to grow vegetation especially if […]

  • What Makes A Complete Hydroponics Kit Worth Investing In?


    Most gardeners are skeptical in implementing hydroponics in their gardening. This is due to the price of a complete hydroponics kit and the uncertainty of this horticulture practice. However, even if the price of one complete kit costs around five to six hundred dollars, this investment is well paid off by its outcome. Learning how […]

  • Two Techniques Used in Hydroponic Gardening


    Hydroponics is a method of cultivating a garden without using soil. In a research study conducted by hydroponic experts, it was founded that soil acts as a reservoir of nutrients plants need to survive—unfortunately it also carries bacteria from pollutants. In this case, hydroponic gardening uses an alternative way of giving the important nutrients to […]

  • How To Grow Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds Indoors


    Plenty of growers are choosing auto-flowering marijuana seeds for their continuous harvest setups. These fast growing marijuana strains, from seed to bud within two months, are perfect at supplying an enthusiast with weed all the time. Unlike traditional continuous harvest setups requiring multiple grow rooms, auto-flowering marijuana seeds can be grown in the same space […]

  • Hydroponics: Garden Cultivation without Soil

    Hydroponics is a way of growing plants using only mineral nutrient solution minus the soil. Soil is found to be home to various pollutants. Even after several years, these are not easily rid of. To make sure that plants are less exposed to such problems, researchers have found ways in order to cultivate them safely […]